• Valerie C.

    Site Web - Juin. 2017

    I recently received foot care from nurse Gracjana Kozubal. I was most impressed by her thoroughness and professionalism. It was without question the best foot care I have ever received and I highly recommend her.

  • Johanne S.

    Site Web - Sept. 2015

    Excellent soins des pieds ! Vous êtes formidable et offrez un service extraordinaire ! Digne de confiance merci beaucoup !

  • Michelle R.

    Site Web - Sept. 2015

    Merci ! Après vos excellents soins des pieds, je marche comme sur un nuage. Merci aussi pour votre bonne humeur. Je n'hésite pas à vous recommander.

  • Helene C.

    Facebook - Sept. 2015

    Living in Ste-Anne de Bellevue, how happy I was to discover this service offered my Nurse:" Gracjana Kozubal " sweet as can be, soft and really professional !!! No waiting at the hospital is just simply wonderful. Thank you Gracjana! for making my life so much more simple.